Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Not What I Intended

I spent some time this last Sunday making "truffles"..   yummy, healthy, raspberry truffles..  I took pictures of my process, was amused at how yummy they ended up being, even more amused at how few calories each contained..  but then, when it was time to roll them into neat little balls and dive them into a pool of chocolate, I got lazy.. really lazy. They ended up partially bathed in chocolate and in no round ball form to speak of.

Damn, they really are good too.

I plan to make more and I plan to share because I cannot keep these to myself. Not that I came up with the recipe but they are lovely and just in time for the pinkish red holiday on the horizon.

Please forgive my laziness and accept this cute picture of my cute kid being cute.

I taped together a sturdy little card board box so that she can get up to the window sill and spy on the neighbors and wave to their dogs and point out the birds and of course, greet daddy when he gets home. Simple pleasures, for us all.

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