Sunday, February 1, 2015

Butters of the Nut Variety

I can't stop making nut butter. There, I said it.

Two things: (1) Never knew it was easy. (2) Really..  never knew it was this easy.

I cannot imagine buying store bought peanut butter again..

This butter that I am about to show you is a roasted cashew "nutella" and kind of happened by accident - as some great things do tend to do.

So, I was originally just set on making sort of standard cashew butter but it really wasn't coming out how I imagined or liked so I decided to step it up a notch and smooth it out a bit with almond milk & coconut oil and I then tossed in some cocoa for good measure and I was half ass shocked how good it tasted.

It's just sweet enough, thank you, Agave. It's just creamy enough, almost like a thick frosting, thank you coconut oil & milk and it's just chocolately enough..  you get it. Roasting (drying, really) off the cashews really gives it a nice flavor that is quite reminiscent of hazelnuts, in my opinion of course.

Here's what I did:

  • soaked cashews over night (7.5 oz can)
  • pour off water, rinse
  • let them dry on a paper towel for a bit
  • put on pan and let them dry in the oven at 250ish for about a half hour or so
  • toss them in the processor, i let them do their own thing for about 5 minutes or so before i decided i wasnt crazy how they were coming out 
  • at this point, i added about 2 tablespoons, maybe a touch more of coconut oil and let it do its thing
  • added about 2 tablespoons of cocoa and then followed with roughly 1/4 cup or less of almond milk
  • blended for another minute or so
And here's what we got:

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