Friday, January 30, 2015

Simple Pleasures Are A Big Deal

Simple pleasures ARE a big deal.. particularly when you're a parent. After the little ones bedtimes.. when peace restores itself to the house and all of the squeaky, squawky toys that make you feel like you broke a toe off when you step on them are all neatly put away again, for the 3255466 time..  yes, after all of that.. sometimes you just need a simple pleasure to sit down and relax with.
Could be a nice glass of wine, could be a long bath, could be mopping the kitchen floor.. I don't know, sometimes cleaning helps me unwind.
Last night, as I plopped down for a few episodes of one of my favorite shows, I decided to do it with an italian soda.. or rather, my simplified take on it. 
These things:
  • milk or half/half - i think heavy whipping would be too much but ya never know
  • soda of your choice, i prefer something dark like plain coke
  • ice 
Now I think traditionally italian sodas are made with seltzer water, flavored syrup and milk or half & half  but this is just as yummy in my opinion and quite simple if you don't keep some of those other things on hand.

Things to note: always pour your milk or cream first, if you pour your soda first, it tends to separate the milk and looks kinda gross.. and probably throws the taste a bit too.

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