Saturday, February 2, 2013

Beautiful Day

It really was a beautiful day here.. for a handful of reasons..  we woke up to a little bit of snow, I got all my errands done and I scored some more brand new baby items via the thrift store on the cheap. I have really enjoyed shopping for our little girl so far, everything I have bought has either been on sale, via e-Bay or thrifted and I have bought some really cute items. I think it is completely normal to splurge a bit on baby, especially when it's your first.. and when it happens to be a girl, but that does not mean you have to break the bank over it. I don't mind maybe over-buying, clothing in particular because I am buying it for less than half of what it is on sale at most stores so if she only happens to wear it once or not even at all, I can re-thrift/sell it or just donate it..   no loss for me, or anyone else.

We are buying all of her "gear" brand new but I am still comparing all of the stores and getting the best prices possible..  for instance her bassinet/playard..  the one we really liked was $159.00 at BuyBuy Baby..  we decided to go with the exact same brand & model of bassinet/playard at Target in a different design and got it for a total of $87.00..   it ended up being on sale from $99.00 the week I bought it and I found a free shipping and -$5.00 coupon on  I am diggin' it.

Before I completely go on babbling..       snow: