Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NYE - Gatlinburg

We decided to visit Gatlinburg for the day on NYE..  not the wisest choice we made all year (heh). I figured it would be busy as it was NY's but really did not anticipate the kind of busy it was, it was like a small NYC, there was 100's of people in every direction, there was a line 20-30+ for every restaurant or practically anything else you wanted to do..and there wasn't even any snow on the ground?!

We did a couple pretty touristy things like visit Ripleys Museum and take pictures of the mountains, etc. I think we did more waiting than anything.. waiting in traffic, waiting to park, waiting for food, waiting to get out of the parking lot..  home was a beautiful site when we finally got back. There are some things we would like to do out there but I think we will wait til it is a little warmer and a few less people hopefully. Maybe we can sneak in a weekend before kids get out of school for summer break this year and before the baby is born.

We had some good laughs as always and I really do appreciate that.. plus we had a pretty nice dinner out after we got home and rested.

Welcome 2013.

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