Monday, December 3, 2012


There are a few new things going on around here since we last spoke, let me show & tell.

I think we had already moved into our current apartment so that isn't new, however.. me not liking.. ok, that's not new either.. even though we both despise the act of moving, we will be doing it again next year because, well, mostly I am pretty unhappy with living in our current housing. It was chosen in a huge rush and we will need more space and less outer stairs for reasons to follow.

I bought a new car.. yea, not really news of any kind but it sure is nice not having what was turning into a money pit anymore. The new car gadgets don't hurt either.

We are expecting..! This is probably the best and biggest news we have to offer since our decision to relocate back to TN. It weren't no incident...  we were trying but it happened very quickly, the 2nd month into trying and whaddya know.. I got to surprise the Mr. on his birthday with the positive test and it's been an interesting ride since! We are due in early June and should hopefully know if it's a little girl or boy in the next 4-6 weeks. Pregnancy is still pretty new to me and sometimes I'm overjoyed and others I am kind of reserved and partially freaking out on the inside..  stay tuned?

This was the first ultrasound so he/she was just a tiny little blip and should be about the size of  a lime at this point, maybe a little bigger..

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