Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Found Fascination

You don't run into Dam's very much in FL.. in fact I am not sure there are any? Maybe? Anyhow, I have come to find that I really love them. I like the mechanics of them, how large some of them are, they are normally Federally owned so they are normally situated in the midst of beautiful scenery like lakes and mountains, greenery as far as the eye can see and for the most part.. people don't visit Dam's in excess like other places for obvious reasons, we have 2 very close to us now, both pretty sizable and we are surrounded by many more just within an hour or so drive.

This one I liked particularly well.. it was just beyond a state park and camp ground and the biggest I have been to so far.. all of the land around it was so lush and quiet.. I wish this one was a little closer, it's a nice place to sit and ponder.

Norris Dam
Anderson, TN

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