Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mostly Last Minute

I feel like the holidays really snuck up on me this year.. that and I am just not sure this year there was that much anticipation in front of it. Up until literally days before Thanksgiving I was down and out with morning sickness (liars, try all day sickness) and just really, truly didn't care about anything besides when I could take the next nap.. Thanksgiving came and went, drive-by style. Christmas is now bearing down on us and I just kinda.. eh.. yea, I don't know. The house is decorated although I did it pretty late for my standards, a few presents are wrapped but the majority isn't even bought yet, we don't have a tree and I am not sure putting one up this late is worth it. 

I am just not really.. that excited this year. I think part of it is being pregnant, I don't have much energy and for the most part would rather lay around than actually do anything. Another and probably bigger part of it is our work schedules, more D's than mine..I basically see him, meanwhile I work for an hour, maybe two around lunchtime, he's normally browsing the internet or reading, something and I am working so it's not very quality time.. then we see each other again for a couple hours when he gets home very late in the evening..7 days a week currently and has been for a long time now. 

Compacted by this is that I work from home and don't have friends or family here..   although life is fine right now and everything is logically good, it's boring, it's lonely, it's teetering on gloomy.. sure, sure things could be worse, I know it..  but things could also be so much better and we are both looking forward to that day in big, big way..

/end whining.

 winter is here, mostly..

cards all done

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