Tuesday, July 3, 2012


So..  we've been in TN since the 24th.. and getting here was NO simple or enjoyable task. Lemme whine..  let's rewind back to the 22nd (Friday) - after ending a week at work and getting myself prepped, packed and training someone, I came home and we did a little bit of packing and I hit the sack early, anticipating the long days ahead of me..  conveniently woke up sick on Saturday morning but I could've cared less, TN was on my brain 100%. We spent the day running errand after errand, picking up a few more boxes we need, stopping off at my office to pick up my computer, get the Uhaul trailer and so on..  we started packing way too late in the day for my preference. As the day went on I felt less and less healthy.. the skies also decided to start dumping non-stop steady rain..  which turned out to be a tropical storm that ended up battering a lot of FL (we had no idea there was a tropical storm on it's way..hah)...   after many, many...many trips up and down the stairs in the rain, some dropped & broken furniture we were ALMOST done packing BUT had a few problems still to face..we had almost a half room full of things to pack and a packed-to-the-brim Uhaul trailer., it was raining harder and we were exhausted.
 We decided to break, shower and went out to one of our favorite restaurants since we'd probably never eat there again.. even though I was enjoying myself and happy to be eating some of the best Italian I've ever had, my mind was fully focused on what was left to do at home, my worry getting the best of me and my cough worsening.

After we got home, we decided to clean up the house and get to bed so we would be energized for the next day..   we got up at 3 on Sunday morning.. this time to POURING, blowing in your face rain..  g-r-e-a-t...explicative x 100. It took us almost 3 hours to finish packing up..  we were once again soaked completely to the bone.. and I was feeling even less hot than the day before. At around 6:30, we finally hit the road.. both our vehicles packed to the roof, a packed and then some trailer.. we finally hit the road.
It was still pouring rain as we were making our way thru Tampa, not starting out as a fun drive and I got considerably soaked again on the one trip to my car. About 40 or so miles down the road, I decided a hot coffee and a pee break was necessary..  this is pretty unusual for me to stop so early in the trip but I was already exhausted and we were already behind so.. whatever right? I pulled in before D and had already made it in and was walking back out when he met me at the door and informed me to get comfortable..   Huh? Welp, our Uhaul trailer tire blew..  literally, shredded. 

We hung out with some truckers for the next almost 3 more hours and got soaked to the bone again...

Long story, longer..  we finally made it to TN at midnight on Sunday.. took us 17 hours in total..  should've been about 12. Just short of wrecking, every single thing about our trip here sucked..  and of course we were met with 108 degree temperatures up here..   BUT..  everything is evening out now and things are starting to fall into place and it's been worth it..  it's been a real good time so far..  it'll only get better :]

I'm in love with my new state..  oh and yea, today is me and my honeys' 1 year..   love you, baby :]

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