Friday, July 6, 2012

A Really Nice 4th

This was the first time I have ever really celebrated the Fourth of July outside of FL..  we bought our own fireworks, had a cookout, bought more fireworks, traveled to Kingston Park for professionals on the 4th and tried out a wonderful new restaurant..  all in all, a fantastic 4th!

I snapped a few of both our fireworks and the professional ones..  our dog tried chasing ours at home and we saw some really neat ones at the park, including some that were tossed into the lake and then shot up out of the water ~ very cool. 

We tried a (new to us) restaurant in Kingston called Red Bones on the River ~ it's menu is fairly straight forward fare BUT do not pass quick judgement, every bit of their food is delicious. We had fried mushrooms to start, with a wonderfully creamy horseradish sauce (TN opted for bleu cheese, I dug into the horsey sauce). Then we both had a reuben..  it was a large sandwich but not too much or too little of anything, the corned beef was juicy and the russian dressing was delightfully sweet. TN got a loaded potato with his and was literally LOADED with sour cream, cheese, hand shredded bacon & butter. Red Bones is NOT to be missed! I will snap a few pics next time.

After we filled up there, we made our way to the lake and plopped down in the grass for the show.. it was a great night!

The works:

 a sparkler at home, shot with slow shutter

 firework at home, shot with slow shutter

 professional fireworks, shot with slow shutter