Monday, July 23, 2012

Meet Abigail

The newest member of our family..  

We found her on the way home from the creek on Saturday..  despite my efforts, it was first decided we would take her back to the spot we found her with food & water.

We tried that and she followed us back, running as hard as she could..  then, again against my efforts, our other dogs were let out to chase her off, she still came back..  I then stormed outside, demanded my dog back inside and went upstairs and broke into tears. She was/is no less than the two dogs here living cushy lives, she was clearly just abandon and needed some help, I couldn't wrap my head around turning my back on her..

Fast forward, a few minds changed and some understandings made..  she is now our dog! :]  I bathed her yesterday, cleaned her skin up, got some flea/tick medicine on her, got her a comfy bed, a collar and a toy! And now..  she has a name, Abigail.

She is the sweetest, most mellow little girl I've ever met..  I hope to provide many, many happy, comfortable years for her ahead..

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