Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend and Whining

This weekend didn't have a lot of content but it sure went by quickly for being so.. bland? If you will..

I've definitely got the waiting blues or insert technical term here..  the only actual reason we are still here in FL is to finish out our job commitments, well, really MY job commitments as I gave a resignation letter months ago with a final date. Don't get me wrong, sticking around has helped up gain some additional funding but we are certainly at the stage where it's clear nothing is holding us back but time itself and it's somewhat frustrating to be just waitin' around.

Although, in my boredom/frustration/allaroundgrouchyness this weekend I did manage to get some packing squared away. I am hoping to do a little bit every few days honestly so we are down to bare essentials and have very little to do the days before/of because I have been in the situation of last minute cramming shit in boxes and it sucks in a huge way.  Plus, packing things makes me feel like I am speeding up time a little, like it's all that more real? I don't know. My logic.

We did go see The Avengers this weekend, in IMAX of course ~ great movie, really liked it but REALLY looking forward to Prometheus, we have seen the IMAX preview of it about 3 times now and it's just as exciting every time, it looks awesome quite honestly! 
 I did spot a bunny this weekend..  they are the rarest of all the critters we see, oddly.

 I did make a buffalo chicken mini pizza that was REALLY good..
 Not everyone was ready to get out of bed this morning.. myself included but I have less options than she.

 I did get this face a lot this weekend.. I deserved it.

Oh, oh..  go see my honey's blog. Driftless
He's such a great writer.. kinda jealous really..

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