Thursday, May 10, 2012

Miracle Skin Transformer

So, I want to revisit something that I had previously posted on that I have SINCE changed my mind on.

Back when I was getting BirchBox, one of the boxes came with Miracle Skin Transformer and I was pretty excited because my skin can be pretty uncooperative and below was my original opinion of the product:

miracle skin transformer ~ total waste in my opinion. coming from someone with skin issues, i was excited to see this in my box, it didn't cover for shit, my cheap l'oreal covered 3x better.. for 36.00 for a jar or tube of this stuff.. bare minerals would be a much better route.

Since then I have changed my mind in a big way. I was out of my normal products the other day, yes, I procrastinate, so what. Anyhow, I remembered it was the only type of "concealer" I had in the house so I searched around under the sink and found it, I dabbed a little and I mean a little bit, maybe the size of a pea or a little less on a sponge and proceeded to put it on, having zero faith. To my honest shock, it covered my entire face flawlessly and smoothly with just that tiny little bit.

Now, I do think the one big difference here is that since my first encounter I have been using foundation primer. Mine is from Bare Minerals. It preps your skin and fills in all the lines before you ever put your foundation/concealer on and it is extremely lightweight so you don't at all feel like you have a ton of make up on. I will say this is the first time in my adult life that I have come across a true all-covering concealer (with the aid of foundation primer) that not only lasts but doesn't cake or peel whatsoever. I just bought a full size container and I am pretty happy to have given this product another try!

**I did not receive any monetary attributes for my original or additional review, I am simply just personally promoting a good product, IMO.

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