Saturday, April 14, 2012

Perception is Everything.

Last week was decently long..  even though most things went according to plan, the days seemed longer than most and that is of course no fun when you just want to get to the next. I genuinely wish that my work involved something really meaningful, life-saving and or left some positive mark on the world, would certainly make all the high stress plausible.

I experienced something last week I haven't ever before.. I had to have an internal biopsy and I was pretty nerve wracked about it as it approached, mostly just because I wasn't sure of the pain factor involved since it's not a numbed procedure. The biopsy itself was nothing, I didn't feel a thing but some "cell scraping" occurred after that and it wasn't exactly pleasant but it was over as soon as it started thankfully. Should the biopsy come back unfavorable, the plan of action going forward is fairly simple and not life changing. I feel pretty relieved and confident about everything currently.

On another great note, our move date has been pushed up just slightly due to an unseen change of events and we are pretty thrilled, it will actually work out much better for both of us than what we currently had planned. It definitely puts a little pep in my step! We will end up leaving the Sunday prior to the Thursday we had planned to leave. Woo hoo for the little things!

 took these at the lake today.

 TN took this one, and uh, I was looking towards a sound I heard, I don't have a lazy eye :p

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