Monday, April 23, 2012

Laughable at the Least.

So, let's talk about Saturday..   started out like any other, TN had to work that morning, I slept in, way in.. then finally rolled my arse out of bed and cleaned the house as I do most Saturdays. Ran out to get some errands, schooled a girl at Starbucks (good lord..) and met back up with TN at home for some lounging and laundry doing before we went to watch the fights later on that night.

Fast forward to 'round 8 or so and we are getting ready to go watch the fight which I was particularly excited to see because the main event (Rashad vs. Bones) was two guys that originally were training partners, had a bit of a falling out over time and this was there settle the score moment, so it had a little more ante behind it than most fights.

We normally head to Buffalo Wild Wings for the fight, it's got a really good atmosphere and we always get a great seat, food's decent too. So we headed out around 9 I think, it's only about 10 minutes from our house.. we pulled in and kinda of instantly knew we were screwed, there was NO parking, ended up parking at another restaurant and walked up to BWW's.. to which our original concerns were confirmed, there were people everywhere inside the doors on wait..we put our name down, as #11 behind all of those people.. wouldn't be SO bad but it's a fight night, people sit down and stay thru the fight. 

We ended up walking back to car in search of another place, we'd never make it for the main waiting at BWW's. First we tried Wing House, it was slammed, then we did about 9 u-turns and ended up at a place called Strokers.. it's a pool hall/bar..  I didn't really pay any attention to the people walking in, it was pretty crowded, the rap music was blasting thru the speakers and I just walked instantly up to the bar and ordered beer. Once we had that, I surveyed for a table in front of the big screen, we ended up at a tiny table shoved into a tiny corner right next to the stairs/pathway to the bathrooms..

It was then I got a good look at the people around us.. a bunch..excuse me, a ton of 20's-30's career bar hoppers, the type of people I am extremely allergic to on a daily basis, I rolled my eyes so hard I'm pretty sure one of them hit the ceiling at least..TN agreed right away we were now surrounded by the people we would normally avoid interaction with at all costs. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing with going to the bar, having a drink, whatever.. but when your whole goal of the week, every week is to wear as little as possible, hang all over every guy and go home with one of them, you and I have about -27 in common.. same for the guys, there were plenty of your typical, macho, run-of-the-mill guys..  as I explained later to TN, the whole place was full of beige.. just uninteresting, generic life forms.. oh yea, and most of the fight and even main event pretty much sucked..   moral o' the story? next time we'll skip it! haha..

After we escaped that lovely place, we stopped by Steak n' Shake starving and finally got home around 2 something in the pouring rain to find an annoyed, wet, cold racoon parked on our front porch balcony.. after a little persuasion, an umbrella and a door mat, we were able to get him shooed down the stairs and we finally plopped down on the couch to laugh about all the funny we saw.


  1. This post is fantastic!!! I have lots of friend's that fit in this beige category and I make fun of them on the daily.