Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hope everyone has had a nice weekend. It's been a really nice one here. We got up early this morning and spent two hours wondering around the park, animal watching mostly. We climbed the watch tower and got a great birds eye view of the lake.

After that we hung out at the house a little and then went down to have easter supper with the family.. a few hours and a ton of laughs later we are now just hanging out on the couch enjoying the rest of the day. Going to watch J. Edgar later ~ looking really forward to it.

Some of this mornings captures:

Something is for sure.. I really like photographing squirrels, they are cute little guys.


  1. these are magnificent but the squirrel is my fave!!!! xo

  2. what beautiful images! love the scenery :)

  3. Vic, thank you so much ~ isn't he a cute little guy?! :]

    Amy, thank you very much, I love the outdoors!