Friday, April 6, 2012

Fantastic Friday

Today was just..   one of those great days. Really started out great and through & through stayed that way, hell it's still great right now. Overuse of great? Maybe.

Anyhow, from puppy dog & I's walk this morning to currently, everything has gone pretty well. It was a wonderful day weather wise, it was nice and sunny with the most awesome breeze in the air, a legitimately cool air with no humidity, pretty rare deal here.

Work went nice and smoothly, since it was a holiday, most of our business stays pretty quiet so it gave me a chance to dig into & complete things I normally wouldn't have the time for. Among all of the normal goings on, I got a project prepped for next week and this week wrapped up & nicely behind me! The big positive was getting to leave early, it's suppose to be a weekly Friday thing but I certainly don't take it for granted so today's release at before 3 was a lovely end to the work day. 
Being that I left work early, I got the chance to run some errands and even take a nap after work (I live for a good 45 min nap!) Once I got up and took the puppy dog for a walk, I didn't expect TN back home for at least another hour so I took a trip to the park to snap a few and take in the wonderful weather.

On the way there I got some fantastic news about the house in Tennessee we hopefully plan to buy. I will share lots more on that once we are up there and things are in motion, meanwhile I am too excited to think!

My findings at the park..

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