Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easy Going Night

Today was unnecessarily long work wise, just one of those days where it occurs to you that sometimes we would better without SOME technologies..  when a 30 minute process get's dragged out into a 2 hour process and an hour long process gets dragged out into a 2 day process, I curse technology. Now, some of this incurred annoyance was part my own fault but if things weren't so impossible to correct it could've been dealt with quite immediately..  oh well?

My drive home was a quick one even though I took off later than normal which was a nice surprise and an even nicer surprise was that TN finished up the laundry and did all the dishes..  then he ordered pizza for us for dinner.. what a nice, relaxing night it's been. Thank you, honey :]

 we are actually trying to watch what we eat/exercise so I ordered a plain, thin crust.. it hit the spot.

TN's pizza looked phenomenal..well, tasted too.. it's an all ends deep dish.. yum yum.

snuck in a bath for puppy girl with my free time tonight..  she's always tuckered out after a bath.

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