Saturday, April 21, 2012


TN joked a couple weeks ago that I should call my blog "Weekend Relish" and now that I realize my frequency of posts, maybe he is right! I don't know what it is about the weekdays, I guess I just don't have much report and things are pretty routine; I don't really want to showcase the small, repetitive parts of my life that really aren't that interesting but on the same token, I kinda feel like only updating/blogging during the weekend is kind of shitty to anyone that actually follows my blog.

What I am hoping is once we are back in Tennessee and have more going on and are doing more adventuring there will be a LOT more to report and I am quite honestly pretty damn excited about that.

So as of late 'round these parts we are now down to 64 days and counting 'til we are off to TN, I got some great news from my biopsy that the results came back negative so for now we are IN the clear and I am feeling pretty thankful for that bit of news. Last week was a great one at work productive & professionally speaking, should be getting my trainee in soon and am kind of looking forward to that transition and change up of my job.

Today has been a beautifully rainy, stormy day and tonight we are going to watch UFC 145. Here's to another fantastic weekend!

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