Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another Sunday, Another Park.

Checked out Wall Springs today, it's a really nice little park but due to some intense FL heat and my camera being on the outs for the second day in a row, we walked around long enough to take in the sights, snap a few photos and then be on our way to the closest 7-11 (slurpees, ya know?)

My Canon needs a tune up I think.. it's being acting up.. I think I am going to buy a small point & shoot in the meantime, thinking a used Sony cybershot..  looked some over today and was pretty pleased with the small Sony's.. we will see!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thank YOU IB4M!

Got my coffee gift-basket from IB4M today via the beautiful lady behind the Honey Hazel Blog. She was way too kind and included some fantastic things such as a lb of Starbucks coffee, Starbucks VIA for iced coffee, a coffee cup, some yummy chocolates, real cute note cards and the cutest little S&P shaker I've seen. 

Thank you, IB4M and especially Thank You to Honey Hazel!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easy Going Night

Today was unnecessarily long work wise, just one of those days where it occurs to you that sometimes we would better without SOME technologies..  when a 30 minute process get's dragged out into a 2 hour process and an hour long process gets dragged out into a 2 day process, I curse technology. Now, some of this incurred annoyance was part my own fault but if things weren't so impossible to correct it could've been dealt with quite immediately..  oh well?

My drive home was a quick one even though I took off later than normal which was a nice surprise and an even nicer surprise was that TN finished up the laundry and did all the dishes..  then he ordered pizza for us for dinner.. what a nice, relaxing night it's been. Thank you, honey :]

 we are actually trying to watch what we eat/exercise so I ordered a plain, thin crust.. it hit the spot.

TN's pizza looked phenomenal..well, tasted too.. it's an all ends deep dish.. yum yum.

snuck in a bath for puppy girl with my free time tonight..  she's always tuckered out after a bath.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Laughable at the Least.

So, let's talk about Saturday..   started out like any other, TN had to work that morning, I slept in, way in.. then finally rolled my arse out of bed and cleaned the house as I do most Saturdays. Ran out to get some errands, schooled a girl at Starbucks (good lord..) and met back up with TN at home for some lounging and laundry doing before we went to watch the fights later on that night.

Fast forward to 'round 8 or so and we are getting ready to go watch the fight which I was particularly excited to see because the main event (Rashad vs. Bones) was two guys that originally were training partners, had a bit of a falling out over time and this was there settle the score moment, so it had a little more ante behind it than most fights.

We normally head to Buffalo Wild Wings for the fight, it's got a really good atmosphere and we always get a great seat, food's decent too. So we headed out around 9 I think, it's only about 10 minutes from our house.. we pulled in and kinda of instantly knew we were screwed, there was NO parking, ended up parking at another restaurant and walked up to BWW's.. to which our original concerns were confirmed, there were people everywhere inside the doors on wait..we put our name down, as #11 behind all of those people.. wouldn't be SO bad but it's a fight night, people sit down and stay thru the fight. 

We ended up walking back to car in search of another place, we'd never make it for the main waiting at BWW's. First we tried Wing House, it was slammed, then we did about 9 u-turns and ended up at a place called Strokers.. it's a pool hall/bar..  I didn't really pay any attention to the people walking in, it was pretty crowded, the rap music was blasting thru the speakers and I just walked instantly up to the bar and ordered beer. Once we had that, I surveyed for a table in front of the big screen, we ended up at a tiny table shoved into a tiny corner right next to the stairs/pathway to the bathrooms..

It was then I got a good look at the people around us.. a bunch..excuse me, a ton of 20's-30's career bar hoppers, the type of people I am extremely allergic to on a daily basis, I rolled my eyes so hard I'm pretty sure one of them hit the ceiling at least..TN agreed right away we were now surrounded by the people we would normally avoid interaction with at all costs. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing with going to the bar, having a drink, whatever.. but when your whole goal of the week, every week is to wear as little as possible, hang all over every guy and go home with one of them, you and I have about -27 in common.. same for the guys, there were plenty of your typical, macho, run-of-the-mill guys..  as I explained later to TN, the whole place was full of beige.. just uninteresting, generic life forms.. oh yea, and most of the fight and even main event pretty much sucked..   moral o' the story? next time we'll skip it! haha..

After we escaped that lovely place, we stopped by Steak n' Shake starving and finally got home around 2 something in the pouring rain to find an annoyed, wet, cold racoon parked on our front porch balcony.. after a little persuasion, an umbrella and a door mat, we were able to get him shooed down the stairs and we finally plopped down on the couch to laugh about all the funny we saw.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


TN joked a couple weeks ago that I should call my blog "Weekend Relish" and now that I realize my frequency of posts, maybe he is right! I don't know what it is about the weekdays, I guess I just don't have much report and things are pretty routine; I don't really want to showcase the small, repetitive parts of my life that really aren't that interesting but on the same token, I kinda feel like only updating/blogging during the weekend is kind of shitty to anyone that actually follows my blog.

What I am hoping is once we are back in Tennessee and have more going on and are doing more adventuring there will be a LOT more to report and I am quite honestly pretty damn excited about that.

So as of late 'round these parts we are now down to 64 days and counting 'til we are off to TN, I got some great news from my biopsy that the results came back negative so for now we are IN the clear and I am feeling pretty thankful for that bit of news. Last week was a great one at work productive & professionally speaking, should be getting my trainee in soon and am kind of looking forward to that transition and change up of my job.

Today has been a beautifully rainy, stormy day and tonight we are going to watch UFC 145. Here's to another fantastic weekend!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Perception is Everything.

Last week was decently long..  even though most things went according to plan, the days seemed longer than most and that is of course no fun when you just want to get to the next. I genuinely wish that my work involved something really meaningful, life-saving and or left some positive mark on the world, would certainly make all the high stress plausible.

I experienced something last week I haven't ever before.. I had to have an internal biopsy and I was pretty nerve wracked about it as it approached, mostly just because I wasn't sure of the pain factor involved since it's not a numbed procedure. The biopsy itself was nothing, I didn't feel a thing but some "cell scraping" occurred after that and it wasn't exactly pleasant but it was over as soon as it started thankfully. Should the biopsy come back unfavorable, the plan of action going forward is fairly simple and not life changing. I feel pretty relieved and confident about everything currently.

On another great note, our move date has been pushed up just slightly due to an unseen change of events and we are pretty thrilled, it will actually work out much better for both of us than what we currently had planned. It definitely puts a little pep in my step! We will end up leaving the Sunday prior to the Thursday we had planned to leave. Woo hoo for the little things!

 took these at the lake today.

 TN took this one, and uh, I was looking towards a sound I heard, I don't have a lazy eye :p

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hope everyone has had a nice weekend. It's been a really nice one here. We got up early this morning and spent two hours wondering around the park, animal watching mostly. We climbed the watch tower and got a great birds eye view of the lake.

After that we hung out at the house a little and then went down to have easter supper with the family.. a few hours and a ton of laughs later we are now just hanging out on the couch enjoying the rest of the day. Going to watch J. Edgar later ~ looking really forward to it.

Some of this mornings captures:

Something is for sure.. I really like photographing squirrels, they are cute little guys.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Fantastic Friday

Today was just..   one of those great days. Really started out great and through & through stayed that way, hell it's still great right now. Overuse of great? Maybe.

Anyhow, from puppy dog & I's walk this morning to currently, everything has gone pretty well. It was a wonderful day weather wise, it was nice and sunny with the most awesome breeze in the air, a legitimately cool air with no humidity, pretty rare deal here.

Work went nice and smoothly, since it was a holiday, most of our business stays pretty quiet so it gave me a chance to dig into & complete things I normally wouldn't have the time for. Among all of the normal goings on, I got a project prepped for next week and this week wrapped up & nicely behind me! The big positive was getting to leave early, it's suppose to be a weekly Friday thing but I certainly don't take it for granted so today's release at before 3 was a lovely end to the work day. 
Being that I left work early, I got the chance to run some errands and even take a nap after work (I live for a good 45 min nap!) Once I got up and took the puppy dog for a walk, I didn't expect TN back home for at least another hour so I took a trip to the park to snap a few and take in the wonderful weather.

On the way there I got some fantastic news about the house in Tennessee we hopefully plan to buy. I will share lots more on that once we are up there and things are in motion, meanwhile I am too excited to think!

My findings at the park..

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I don't get a lot of "good" pictures of my puppy these days mostly because anytime we are outside on a walk and she is much too busy sniffing along to be bothered being still for me to take a picture and since we don't have a yard for her to roam, I can't really catch her at her leisure. For whatever reason tonight I decided to grab my camera on the way outside for her walk and asked her to nicely pose for me on the stairs..

This is what we got.

I promise she is not this miserable.. she genuinely hates sitting still for photos.. I have many pictures with this identical expression. Hah. Love her, even if she is a grouch..

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


As I have said before, a lot of beauty can be found in the smallest or unlikely places. There has been a sizeable spider setting up shop each night at the end of our walkway between the light and a bottle brush tree ~ this morning pretty much his/her web was almost left in it's entirety and dotted with diamond like dew drops. Couldn't walk by with snapping a few photos of it.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


This week is zipping by much unlike last week! We made homemade pizza tonight, it was pretty darn good!

This was mostly TN's creation, started with alfredo sauce, fresh mozz, mushrooms, olives & turkey pepperoni (my addition) on a thin crust.