Sunday, March 18, 2012

Simple Surprise.

I'll be honest, I went into this weekend not expecting much.. last week was kinda tough for a variety of reasons and  I kinda figured the bad vibe was going to follow us right thru the weekend. Friday went fine and even kind of quickly, we grilled out and had a nice time but as it started to wind down it was looking more & more like my presumption for the weekend was going to be right.

Fast forward to Saturday morning and I wasn't even looking forward to it really.. I got up kinda early and pittled around. I finished up a little house cleaning from the day before and then decided I wanted to go for a walk at the local park.. TN joined me and all of a sudden, the day got bright, things felt good again, all of last weeks ugliness faded and since the weekend has been wonderful.

Spotted this little baby only a few feet into our trail walk..  I wouldn't mind taking him home!

walked down passed the lake.

 then there was this guy & his compadre below.. he was a little instigater.. just sat there and watched us then inched closer and closer..  pretty sure he was looking for a snack. the guy below snuck up behind me to my left on the railing which resulted in my screeching and jumping backward which resulted in my feeling pretty silly but we laughed and made it passed the guards in the end.

walked along the little river runoff from the lake.. figured we would spot an alligator or two in the marshy banks but no such luck. although we did find a rather large black snake slithering away into the palmettos.

On a completely unrelated note I finally decided to break down and buy a Gentle Leader facial collar..  I have a tugging,pulling, ornery dog when she's on a leash and I am so tired of it, makes taking her out a real hassle and a dreaded adventure quite honestly. The packaging guaranteed to have immediate results so I handed over my $22.00 and decided to give it a shot. It's all one piece, a collar that goes around their neck and a loop that goes snug but comfortably around their muzzle with a ring just below it (as you can see) that you hook your leash to. At first, she reared her head a little and tried to get it off with her paws, she did manage to before we went outside but I made it a little more snug that what it was (it has an adjuster on the muzzle loop itself) and she wasn't able to get it off after that. I leashed her up and out we went..   I was pretty stunned at the reaction.. she shook her head a little out of just being confused as to what was around her muzzle but other than that she was very well mannered.. no pulling, no tugging, no lunging forward. She actually walked beside me, not ahead of me and was even tempered, much less on guard than usual. Hopefully this wasn't a fluke due to it being all new and catching her off guard because it was incredible, I recommend it so far and now look forward to walks with her!

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