Thursday, March 8, 2012


So.. I've had this reoccurring thought over the last few weeks, months.. maybe as long as I have been blogging (roughly since 08 on & off). Don't get excited, I'm going to tell ya. 
The thought is I hesitate a lot (about a lot of things), I put way too much unnecessary thought into some things, not everything needs a pie chart and fail safe, I get it, but I can't imagine being any other way and I would like to contribute my mostly responsible life up until this point to that.

Anyhow, the reason behind my explanation of myself here and I am sure I overthinkin' this one too but I really have this bone to pick with unnecessary blogging - hear me out. Ninety percent of the time, I hesitate to blog if I don't really have something to say, a story to share, an idea and most importantly to me, pictures.. It just feels like it's how it should be, why share anything if it's not genuine and or worth the time it took to share it? 

Now, I understand not all blogs are made equally and some share other peoples works & words as a part of the story they are trying to convey, a news broadcast in a way.. whether it be about the newest KitchenAid line or coach line, I get that..  what I don't get, completely don't get - is non-stop meme's, posts including no works of your own in any fashion just to get in another post, posts made up entirely of pinned photos showcasing this seasons color or whatever bullshit.. and other various sillyness like "Want to see what's in my overpriced, slavetrade bag?" No..  not at all, but thanks.

I understand I don't HAVE to look at any blog I am otherwise annoyed by, even though I do simply because it's just fun honestly to giggle at people..  but yes, I realize, I don't have to let this annoyance into my life, it's a simple click of the X.. I guess where I struggle is I wish the overwhelming amount of blogs were good quality & creation, not pointless show & tell in a lot of scenarios..  but if I can derive anything here, it can be that I love and honestly appreciate the true blogs that are simple, humble and REAL.

I don't have a photo to add to this, because I..   didn't take any.

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