Monday, March 12, 2012


This Monday is zipping by - I really hope the trend continues throughout the remainder of the day..and week!
We had a decently busy schedule this last weekend as compared to most, Tennessee had to work a half day on Saturday as well as OT all last week but no real complaints..  OT=$$$. Anyhow, I ran errands Saturday morning and not long after he got home on Saturday, we got ready and went out to dinner, to one of our favorite local italian restaurants, it's such a cute, yummy place. We both tried a new dish there and even though we both liked our dishes very much, we were pining to go back for our house favorites! 

After we left there, we headed down to my family's house and spent some time laughing it up with some Georgia folk til about 11PM, it was such a great evening..  love my family, love those Georgians!

Then yesterday I went and had lunch with a cousin of mine while Tennessee got in some relaxation then we ran up to the local theme park Walmart to do a little grocery shopping & pick up some more charcoal for my newest love. Our little baby grill :] We bought it last weekend and I have grilled on it at least 5 nights - food on the grill/open flame tastes SO much better. Last night we made chicken & vegetable kabobs - turned out really tasty!

Other than all that, there was some frozen yogurt consumption, a little sleeping in/napping & some gaming.

Another good weekend in the books!

puppy sneaking in some time on the bed while The Warden Tennessee isn't looking.



  1. I am glad you made some extra $$$ and had a great weekend! Husband and family time sounds wonderful!

  2. Thanks :] Boyfriend.. husband someday hopefully :]