Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I've been meaning to post..  and meaning to post..  but somehow, the days kept getting away from me and or by the time I would come to a stop at night, I didn't have energy or inspiration and I am a sucker for procrastinating.. 

I really, kinda shamefully, am in awe of parents who have a full schedule. I mean, by the time I drive home (45 minutes in traffic), walk the dog, chat with TN for a little bit, come up with dinner, actually make dinner, eat, clean up/do dishes, take the dog on her last walk of the day, maybe do laundry or other misc. house cleaning, take a shower and then come to a stopping point..  granted, I did sit down while I ate dinner.. but still, once I come to a stopping point, I don't want to watch movies or play games or even think, I just want to play dead in the big daddy lounger until I feel the urge to move to bed..  hah. SO... I can't even imagine adding in wiley kid(s), soccer games, homework, diapers, etc, etc, etc..   I am sure you adapt but damn..  

Life is good these days though..  albeit in limbo as we are ready to move back up to Tennessee but sticking around here for financial and work obligations til' the end of June we are still having a great time. In fact I can't see my life with TN not being a great time, he makes life light hearted & fun and for a serious eyebrow raiser such as myself, it's a good combination.

It stormed quite a bit last week.. I really love it.. I wish it would storm for a little while every day or so, not stay gloomy the whole day but for a couple/few hours.. 

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