Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kinda Lazy.

That's what we pretty much are on the weekends..   don't get me wrong, there aren't a pile of days worth dishes in the sink or overflowing laundry, in fact we usually do most chores on the weekend but we also do a fair amount of lounging and that's how we like it for now..  we think nothing of hanging out on the couch half the day or more playing video games, watching tv/movies, being online, etc..     but we do venture out to the local parks and what not.
I wasn't feeling very good yesterday so other than a couple errands, we were supremely lazy and I took a lovely 2 and a half hour nap..
But today we threw the football around, fought each other off with tree limb swords, played around with the frisbee and took a walk thru the trees..   it was beautiful weather too, 58 and sunny with a breeze!

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