Monday, January 23, 2012

The Zoo, pt 1.

We decided on splitting this weekend up pretty evenly. On Saturday, we finally got around to taking the Christmas tree down and at least compiling all the decorations to one area, then we did some house cleaning, lounged around, watched a movie or two, ran a couple of errands, sorted some things to be donated.

Sunday we decided to go to the ZOO, we I got up at a bright & early 7:45AM, got ready, fed the pooch and walked her, Tennessee then decided to roll out of bed and shortly after we were off! Stopped off at Dunkin on the way for a raspberry coffee and toasted breakfast sandwich fix. We got there around 9:45 or so I was kinda shocked to see how many people were there already, on a Sunday..  at 9:45...  we joked (sorta) that it was an Atheist convention. Haha.

Anyhow, we snapped quite a few pictures so I'll share a few now & a few later..

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