Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My 2011 Moments.

This post is a little late due to my laptop deciding to get sassy over the weekend.. but I decided to think back on 2011, as most of us have or will..  and highlight some of the best moments in my life last year. It's no lie that last year was kind of a hectic one for me, ushering in & out some big changes..  I am so glad and thankful to be exactly where I am right now..


One of the single best moments of last year and maybe ever was meeting Tennessee for the first time. I won’t give you the back-story because you would be here for days and I would be a little embarrassed but what I will say is I got the chance to get pretty close to TN without ever actually being in his presence and our bond was threatened several times (don’t get the wrong idea) by a number of situations but on one very late July night, I VERY unexpectedly got to meet him. He and I threw every last bit of caution and common sense to the wind that night and it’s something I will never forget..  it was the most nervous, excited, curious, unbelievable moment I have had in a long time.

This one may sound a little weird but..  the drive home after my divorce hearing. The reason this is, is because it stood for so many things. Obviously the most noticeable thing being divorce as I finally broke free from something that I let hold me down for years and that was liberating  by itself. The real shining moment was that I did it all on my own.. preparing my own legal paperwork, filing, the court appearance, adhering to all the requirements and even getting a nod on my due diligence from the Judge.. I felt so accomplished and successful in that moment.. And those that followed.

The weekend I spent in TN with Tennessee (haha) after my gallbladder surgery..  after months of literal random agony I was finally 100% comfortable and could eat & sleep without the fear of an attack.. and eat we did, that weekend I ate fried chicken & chocolate cake at a raunchy buffet and loved every damn second of it.. I think I even napped when we got home and that was even better.

I didn't just happen to start appreciating the little things..  I did just start to appreciate more of them, a lot more of the time.

Happy, Happy, Happy New Year.

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