Thursday, January 12, 2012

Birch Box 1/2012.

*These opinions are on my own volition, I am not receiving anything monetarily for my views regarding Birch Box and the items received.

I'm in possession of my 2nd Birch Box and for me, this one was a little better than the last. I received all of the items listed this time (last time was missing a lip gloss), 4 of the 6 items were of useable size and not just one tiny little dab of anything.

What I received:

  • juicy couture signature fragrance
  • miracle skin transformer
  • vmv hypoallergenic eye serum
  • zoya nail polish, color: megan
  • witchcraft granola
  • birch box magnet  
Birch Box also included a little one page how-to clarify/detox your life, it was simple little household/make up tips.


 My opinions on the products?

  • juicy couture signature fragrance ~ it's not bad, it's a lot less headache inducing than the last one received but it is packed full of florals like the other though. it is a very adult smell, i can't see a teenager or young twenty something really like this and again, it smells pretty similar to another perfume i cannot readily place. i will actually wear this one occasionally and i'd like to note i put it on around 1:00pm yesterday and had Tennessee take a sniff of my arm around 6:30pm and it was still present. i won't be buying it though.
  • miracle skin transformer ~ total waste in my opinion. coming from someone with skin issues, i was excited to see this in my box, it didn't cover for shit, my cheap l'oreal covered 3x better.. for 36.00 for a jar or tube of this stuff.. bare minerals would be a much better route.
  • vmv hypoallergenic eye serum ~ looking forward to trying this, hoping it's excellent just based on the price of a full size, which is a staggering 80.00..  it is also hypoallergenic which is a plus for folks with sensitive skin, like myself. i have always had dark circles so it would be nice to find a product that really made a difference. the little bottle that came in the box is sizeable. i'm impressed.
  • zoya nail polish, color: megan ~ i get my nails done so i won't be trying this on my fingers but maybe on my toes? lavender is however,
  • witchcraft granola ~ not a granola lover and it happen to spill open in my box so i decided not to try, smelled good though?
  • birch box magnet ~ yea.
Going to give Birch Box a go at least another month and then I think I will try another of the sample companies.

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