Monday, October 31, 2011

Little Treat.

While I was in the pumpkin spirit (who isn't currently?) on Saturday, I decided to whip up something sweet as well. I am not normally a muffin fan, don't get me wrong, I enjoy the occasional one here and there but I certainly don't live for them. For whatever reason, while scanning thru sweet ideas I came across pumpkin muffins and instantly wanted them, so I made them.. and put my own spin on them.

This was a really simple pumpkin muffin recipe, I just folded in coconut & toffee before cooking. They turned out yummy and the toffee was wonderfully melted at first bite..I will definitely make these again..  maybe in the next day.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Well, of course.

You have to include pumpkin these days..  more & more people are learning to include pumpkin into everything from butter to lasagna to tarts. I think it is actually pretty fun to come across the more savory ideas with pumpkin. I came across a pretty wonderful looking one last week that I set out to try this weekend, which I found here. The original recipe derived from Better Homes & Gardens.

I have made something similar to this a couple of different ways, with bbq'd chicken and also with seitan.

I used the recipe as a starting point and modified to my own likes. I used chicken, chipotle in adobo, black beans & pumpkin layered the bottom and I put torn swiss into the cornbread mix before popping it into the oven. It turned out absolutely wonderful. The chipotle ended up bringing more heat than I personally enjoy so I would put a little less next time. I put about two to three tablespoon and I thought I was conservative at that point, oh well?

pretty, innit?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Little Closer.

So as mentioned, we have discovered some live nature in our backyard. We have been just watching them from the balcony but last night we saw one of the Momma's laying in the side yard so we cut up a few apples and ventured over to see if she was interested in a snack.

Not only did she love the snack but I was really surprised with how close she got to us, she probably got within about 4ft within Tennessee while I attempted to quietly click away, she didn't even flinch at the noise. I think she will be eating out of Tennessee's hand before long. Out of the 4, she is definitely the most brave and friendly.

We have really enjoyed having a little country in our city backyard :]

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Opposite of Idle.

That is exactly what Tennessee & I have been since last week in preparation & execution of his move here to FL and my move from my families home to our new house. We really only had 2 weeks to get everything figured out, sought out & locked in, with only a couple minor issues and a little bit of wasted time, no fault of our own..  we did it!

Tennessee safely made it down here Friday morning with all of his possessions in tow and after 12 hours of driving, started the move into our new place. I worked all day Friday amongst personal errands then met him at the new place just in time to get dressed and go grab a bite then come home and pass out so we could get up Saturday morning and get bigger items moved in before we picked up my things. The two of us managed the couch up the stairs with a few trapeze acts along the way..  then it just sort of was a blur and by around 11am Sunday we physically had everything we owned in our house and the Uhaul trailer returned.

Now comes the decorating, organizing, arrangement of everything (and the purchasing of some new!) which is really the best part (if any) of moving..

I have to say, I was really against apartment living..  I've done it many times and was just kind of over it but as our time frame to find something drew closer and we were coming up with dead ends, we decided to seek out an apartment as they are pretty abundant and straightforward (we like).

I narrowed it down to 2, one that I had already actually visited the property/apartments some time ago and remember them being so-so. The other being a place I had always thought was really a beautiful community but never visited. After a quick visit to both, it was immediately apparent which community we would prefer, literally almost across the street from each other, only a $5.00 per month price difference, almost identical sq. footage..  the only outstanding difference? The one we went with had larger rooms by FAR, much more closet space, modern appliances & newly refinished counter tops. It was an easy choice..  little did we know it would turn out being even better than originally thought.

We ended up in a back of property unit with a large balcony facing the woods and what we got is deer who visit us throughout the day and a private backdrop for essentially every window in the house. We are centrally located to everything on the property itself and within the whole city. We are very happy with our choice!

(forgive the photo quality, camera phone photos)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Terribly, Incredibly, Most Certainly.. Happy.

As adapted by this lovely blog.

My 10? (in no specific order)
1. Anything with the word "caramel apple" in it ~ food, perfumes, candles, you name it.
2. Pulling off the road to take a photo of something I find interesting.
3. Holding my honey's hand.
4. Making someone burst out in laughter.
5. Tiny plants, flowers, pebbles.. anything tiny in nature catches my eye.
6. Stopping at gas stations on road trips.
7. Soaking rain.
8. Contemplating baby names for my someday, sometime, future baby.
9. Making cinnamon buns.
10. Writing with Sharpies.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Productive Vaca.

Almost sounds like an oxymoron, don't it? Way back before I realized I would be moving back down to FL and D would be moving here as well, we planned vacation.. or at least, took days off for it. At that point I DID NOT envision vacationing in FL but as things changed and it was apparent we would both be residing here, it made sense for D to come down and check out the area (he'd never been to FL) and possibly line up a few interviews to get a jump on getting a job here prior to moving..    and of course amongst that, enjoy some free time with each other and sleep in. I'll have you know we didn't sleep in, not even once.. I think the latest we slept one morning was maybe 8:30? Oh well, our days were packed full! :]

D got to experience a lot of never before's..   the beach, eating crab and flying! We both really had a wonderful week on the beach that turned into a very smart, efficient trip. Long story longer, D nailed 3 out of 3 interviews and has a job lined up with 2 back pocket options..we are currently looking for a house here which I think we may have found the one and life...just...can't...get...any...better! Well, yea, it could.. and I look forward to every bit of it!

Vacation among photos...

get serious. haha