Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I won't lie, whining is one of my character attributes flaws. Most of my whining I keep internally because let's face it, no one really wants to listen to it..  but on..  some.. occasions, I burst into wtf's, boo hoo, woe is me and ..really? I normally quickly snap back to reality because again, it's a mostly pointless act, especially when you consider the alternative in any given situation.

One thing I have whined a lot about in my own mind is missing GA, it's not just GA.. but that kind of scenery is king in my opinion and it was next to amazing to be able to get in my car and drive down any given country road and discover natural beauty. I severely miss that now, again.. and I feel like I will never live in a place like that again. I know that sounds kind of silly but my job drives me, as it does for many. As explained in earlier posts, it's as solid as solid get's and it's rewarding, you don't walk from something like that. Now that I know remote working for this job is no longer an option, it occurs to me that at some point, someday down the road, I may have to make the call between job & surroundings.

Let me not stray too far though, even though there was definitely magic in the air in living in the mountains, (especially this time of year.. *insert huge, over-exasperated sigh*) I went through a lot of troubled times and the happiness to unhappiness ratio on any given day was something like 15/85..   and that's a remote difference from the current 90/10..  not to mention, my stress level in all categories of my life went down about 80%.

The moral? For myself..  and anyone else who cares to listen. Even though in my mind, now.. I lived in such a beautiful place and nothing could replace those long country roads or walks in the woods..   happiness was NOwhere to be found and as I currently reside somewhere that it's no secret is not my favorite place one earth, happiness is in every corner and for that, whining is not justified this time and I am as grateful as can be.

But.. I hope to see GA someday soon.. and smell the fresh air, even if it's just temporarily.

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