Saturday, December 3, 2011

This Saturday We..

Did SO much..  or at least it felt that way and man..  was it a GREAT day. Did I mention great day?

We started out on a mission to a warehouse sale I saw advertised earlier in the week, didn't have too much faith in it to be as cool as it said would be but who knows, right? Anyway, I went the wrong way so we ended up at a huge goodwill first to check things out, walked away with 1 more christmas present and a brand new rug for the bathroom.

Then on the way to somewhere else we needed to go we stumbled across the warehouse sale and wow..  it was crazy. It was JAMpacked with people and filled to the brim with brand new items, everything 10.00 and under..  we bought brand new dvd's for 2.50, cd's for 1.00, shirt for 2.50, 26.00 face moisturizer for 5.00! The list goes on..  point is, walked away with two bags full for $36.00 that would have easily cost upwards of 100.00 had we bought it all at retail.

From there, we tried out a new deli for lunch and were pleasently surprised, quaint wouldnt be the right word, it was a tiny little deli but offered up a delicious lunch from a couple of very friendly, smiling owners.

 must try the green chile cream cheese!

 hot pastrami!

 corn beef & salami

 forest berry tart ~ perfect combination of sweet, tart, creamy..   I want more..

we walked around downtown after lunch

then we..   gave into the popular addiction that is froyo.

this is only my second time having it..  i went a little wild?

then we ended up on the couch at home, watching a comedy special, did a little grocery shopping, tacos ensued, bedtime is soon..  

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