Sunday, November 20, 2011

This Weekend We..

 Went to the beach... it was a sunny, breezy day, perfect for walking the beach, we spotted a huge starfish (which I did photograph, but find kinda gross..  Idk) Picked up some pretty shells and dolphin watched.

Then, we started on our own wreath making for the holidays, we bought a couple blank green to do individually and then a blank wooden one for us to do together for the front door.

In between all of that, there was some UFC action, shopping, good eats, etc..  a little too hectic to photograph it all this weekend but I will say..   what a nice weekend, on quite a few levels.

I've got plenty to be thankful for this year and don't think I am just now realizing it.

My conclusion: If your someone doesn't make you feel amazing and you don't feel amazing with? Move...on. Pure & simple.

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