Sunday, November 13, 2011


Our weekends are simple, they normally consist of and not necessarily in this order..  the following:

Go out to lunch
Go out to dinner
Grocery shop
Clean house
Sleep in (maybe)
Lounge on the couch
Take a walk, or two
Go shopping (maybe)
Visit somewhere we have never been
Eat junk food (always)

As I am reading this list, it almost appears a little long and maybe pretty hectic for a weekend but the best part about that list is that it is all really simple ideas that come together, sometimes just in one day. Tennessee and I really make the most out of our time, no matter what of the above we are doing, we are normally laughing, smiling and enjoying doing it together in general.

This weekend we:

 *TGI Fridays..  haven't been in years, not bad :]

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