Tuesday, November 15, 2011


When I am in the mood for sweets, which is moderately frequent, I don't care to piss around spending 2 hours whipping up this, blending that, chilling this, layering that, etc. Don't get me wrong, I do love to bake even though I am nowhere near skilled at it and I do like putting in the time it takes for some sweets but when I've really got a sweet tooth and it's a weeknight especially, I want it and I want it yesterday! So, it's either whipping some up at light speed OR going out to grab something.

I tend to fix something at home because 600 calories is better than 1400 right? Maybe.

One thing that I have never spent much time on is cupcakes, I suppose if I had a piping bag I might be more inclined to put more into and get inventive because let's face it, cupcakes topped with heavenly icing is where it's at but not when I'm wanting it right then and there.

Standard chocolate cupcakes with coconut folded in and chocolate peanut butter icing. As simple as it gets. Thrifty too as pretty much everything listed are pantry items.

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