Wednesday, November 16, 2011


i am...    pretty short.
i want...  to be realistic.
i wish...  to see snow this winter.
i have...  a job that i appreciate and adore.
i hate...  excessive negativity.
i fear...  being pulled over and having to pee bad.
i wonder...  what i'll look like when im 40.
i regret...  not seeing the forest through the trees a little sooner.
i love...  my grandparents angels, DPS and Simane, everything else is just extra.
i always...  think ahead, days, hours, minutes. very time oriented. you'd think i'd never be late? not so.
i dance...  ridiculously because it makes me belly laugh.
i rarely...  let "loose".
i cry...  a lot less than i use to.
i lose...  at all video games, besides the occasional car game, i whoop ass there :]
i am not always...  as happy as i present myself.
i know... what i want and what i will not tolerate.
i should...  go get some glasses, night driving is tricky.

 Tennessee & I at Cumberland Nat'l Park.

who are you?


  1. Enjoyed readign more about you - you should get yourself some specs, eyes are very precious.

    This one on your list calls to me -
    i am not always... as happy as i present myself.

  2. Hello there and so nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment so I could find you. Try to "let loose" this weekend and have yourself some fun!