Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Really Hate When..

I have a ton of photos to edit on my media card and I bring my camera & usb cable to work so I can do some editing at lunch ..........and leave my media card with ALL the photos on it AT HOME..   :/

Thus, random post to follow.

 We are in the midst of some home improvements..organization geared and heavily inspired, thank YOU so much, Pinterest.
Anyhow..   you know where this place (above) is, don't front. I love walking thru the aisles touching things here, especially the wood.. and sometimes smelling, sometimes..  smelling the wood. Especially Cedar.

 We I live in a gaming household. So there is plenty of this going on, especially what with a ton of new games just released. Above is the "epic" Skyrim. It is actually pretty cool I will admit, I even created a character and ran around backwards getting killed for a while.

My other boyfriend, Jimmy John. I'll be the first to admit, there isn't really anything blindingly special about their sandwiches, it's the normal ham,turkey, roast beef run down. They are all cold subs and you can add a few fun things like avocado spread or if you want to be ridiculous, order an "unwich" without bread. The GREAT thing about Jimmy's is they are delivering, yes delivering your sandwich before you have time to hang up your phone. They are really competitively priced and the sandwiches are never lacking, what you ordered last time quality speaking, is exactly what you'll get this time. Awesome.

So, to clarify, these are just my opinions on things, no money is coming my way from Jimmy's, Home Depot or Skyrim..   but if any three of you want to contribute, feel free. I joke. Not really.

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