Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gainfully Employed. (Long)

It's true!

Although at times, I wanted to be promptly unemployed.

But, whether it was common sense or just good rational (and advice from everyone), I have made it through any bad stressful times at my current place of employment.. and let me tell you, there were some stressful times.

I have been through a lot with this company, I have experienced a lot, learned more than I can begin to tell you.. technically and personally speaking and I have come to genuinely love what I do, who I work with/for and the knowledge that I have derived from being where I have been.

All started like this:

I just arrived back to FL from living in NC and only having been here a short 5 days, decided to total my car by pulling out infront of a red light runner, (I am telling you, there was NO one there one sec, a van the next!anyway...) on my way to another job interview, mind you. A couple of days later while coming out of a vegetable market I got a voicemail from my now bossy saying she would like me to come in for an interview, she didn't specify the company or I didn't pay attention, either way I had no idea what kind of job it was as I had sent out a ton of resumes back in NC.

I immediately call back and this very disgruntled women answered the phone (which I later came to find out it was our offsite answering service, no actual affiliation to us, whew.) Anyhow, she advised me it was an elevator company and I instantly recoiled in my seat, all I could imagine was an ugly warehouse, green screen monitors and inspirational posters from the 1970's. I was really not at all interested or excited but I took the interview because ugly warehouses and a paycheck is better than 0.00 hourly ya heard?

Went to the interview of course, found myself in a medium sized office in a local office park infront of a lady I really couldn't read too well, don't get me wrong, she was friendly, but to the point and as she explained the job I really wasn't sure what I was up for but I answered honestly and walked away thinking, it's nothing like I expected (positive!) and I think I nailed it. I followed up with a thank you note for her time and waited to hear from her.

In a few short days, I had been hired and was ready to start my new job career.

Oh, yea, job title was to be admin. asst./office manager/juggler of 9 million things at once for a company that modernizes Federal Government Facilities across the US.

I would have never guess how stressful, crazy, fast paced, ever-changing this position was going to be and it took me a solid year to get my bearings and really be confident in what I was doing as not only is it what I just described, it's very technical and again, it's with the Federal Gov't.. it has to be perfect, the first time, and in 335689 copies.

Since that day, I have done well, done terribly, done the impossible, really screwed things up, laughed, been amazed, been so frustrated I could've passed out, worked til 9pm, 12pm, 3am, cried, bled (don't ask, it was traumatic, sorta), pissed people off, been thrown under the bus, saved people's asses, shared christmas's, birthdays, order millions of dollars in parts, argued with tons & tons of vendors, cancelled the company owner's home owners insurance, came up with great ideas,  came up with some terrible ones, negotiated the impossible, dropped items off at FedEx probably 8-900 times, fell asleep at my desk,  attempted to quit, received a few hundred paper cuts, wasted many, MANY trees, argued with bossy, been rewarded above & beyond, worked remotely (terrible, awful idea) and 3+ years in I am just part of the family and couldn't be more grateful for my immediate boss, LB.. it's true, I couldn't read her that day and throughout the last 3 years have struggled from time to time, but what I am certain of is how wonderful she has always treated me, professionally & personally and I am SO lucky to work alongside such an individual and with this company.

 my command center.

 what? you need to be colorfully stocked at all times.

 love my tiny, wireless, quiet keyboard.. aaah..

pretty much everything gets a stamp of some sort

 we deal in large stacks of paper, only the white kind though..

i only have 9665587 reminders

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