Wednesday, November 2, 2011

According to Me.

Every now and then I am going to do random meme's that I stumble across to give you a little insight on the who is me, feel free to comment on the who is you. I'll do my best to keep one foot off the soap box.

Blog Related Meme:

1. Why is it that you blog anyway? Selfishly it's a stress reliever and somewhere for me to put my creative interests to work. I love to share my thoughts (clearly) and photos, stories, etc. but I will admit that I giddily enjoy documenting so that I have something to look back on, to remember the funny, bad, great, exciting everything's in life, I love filling my life book and I don't mind sharing.

2. How long have you been blogging? Started blogging in 2008, I blogged steadily up until sometime around the middle of last year, life went a little off the rails and blogging landed on the back burner, fast forward through other interesting (common) life modifications and I just picked it back up a few months ago. I missed it :/

3. All time favorite blog? Use Real Butter Whats not to love? Photography is phenomenal and that's underselling it really, recipes are always incredibly delicious, writing is sincere, no bullshit & from the heart, persons behind the blog are incredibly intelligent (to a point I can't really even comprehend) and... every time I look at the blog, I absolutely pine,pine,pine to move to Colorado. One day.. 

4. Least favorite blog? Now, now..   I don't really have any least favorites, I have some that I get a good albeit mocking chuckle out of but none I despise or detest. It's quite simple, if you don't like the content or individual, don't click on their link, ta-da!

5. Food trend you are sick & tired of seeing? French Macarons.. in their insanely different amount of variety, color & flavor..  yes, they are darling and I'm sure some taste just lovely but they are everywhere and no longer hold any creative flair (imo). I realize that everything we post is moderately the same and just a recreation of what already exists but everyone jumped on the macaron train and I'm over it.

6. Most beautifully photographed foods? Well, the right photo can make meatloaf look stunning but some of the sexiest foods I've come across have been: pavlova, tarts, burgers, soups and cupcakes. Those are some true mouth watering foods if photographed nicely, imo.

The End.

This photo's got nothing to do with it besides I love it and it's on the way to one of my favorite places..  Carter Lake in GA.. I really miss driving thru the country on Saturdays to go sit at the lake and ponder. I need a new ponder place.


  1. Great to learn more about you! I also love "Use Real Butter" And hate any trends, especially the macaron fad...



  2. Rosa.. thanks :] and haha, I know it!