Sunday, October 30, 2011

Well, of course.

You have to include pumpkin these days..  more & more people are learning to include pumpkin into everything from butter to lasagna to tarts. I think it is actually pretty fun to come across the more savory ideas with pumpkin. I came across a pretty wonderful looking one last week that I set out to try this weekend, which I found here. The original recipe derived from Better Homes & Gardens.

I have made something similar to this a couple of different ways, with bbq'd chicken and also with seitan.

I used the recipe as a starting point and modified to my own likes. I used chicken, chipotle in adobo, black beans & pumpkin layered the bottom and I put torn swiss into the cornbread mix before popping it into the oven. It turned out absolutely wonderful. The chipotle ended up bringing more heat than I personally enjoy so I would put a little less next time. I put about two to three tablespoon and I thought I was conservative at that point, oh well?

pretty, innit?

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