Monday, October 10, 2011

Productive Vaca.

Almost sounds like an oxymoron, don't it? Way back before I realized I would be moving back down to FL and D would be moving here as well, we planned vacation.. or at least, took days off for it. At that point I DID NOT envision vacationing in FL but as things changed and it was apparent we would both be residing here, it made sense for D to come down and check out the area (he'd never been to FL) and possibly line up a few interviews to get a jump on getting a job here prior to moving..    and of course amongst that, enjoy some free time with each other and sleep in. I'll have you know we didn't sleep in, not even once.. I think the latest we slept one morning was maybe 8:30? Oh well, our days were packed full! :]

D got to experience a lot of never before's..   the beach, eating crab and flying! We both really had a wonderful week on the beach that turned into a very smart, efficient trip. Long story longer, D nailed 3 out of 3 interviews and has a job lined up with 2 back pocket options..we are currently looking for a house here which I think we may have found the one and life...just...can't...get...any...better! Well, yea, it could.. and I look forward to every bit of it!

Vacation among photos...

get serious. haha

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  1. I spent four years living in Miami - totally fun, single days! Of course, I worked 60-hour weeks in advertising, but Florida is gorgeous and unwinding was easy! Beautiful pictures and good luck with your move.