Monday, October 24, 2011

The Opposite of Idle.

That is exactly what Tennessee & I have been since last week in preparation & execution of his move here to FL and my move from my families home to our new house. We really only had 2 weeks to get everything figured out, sought out & locked in, with only a couple minor issues and a little bit of wasted time, no fault of our own..  we did it!

Tennessee safely made it down here Friday morning with all of his possessions in tow and after 12 hours of driving, started the move into our new place. I worked all day Friday amongst personal errands then met him at the new place just in time to get dressed and go grab a bite then come home and pass out so we could get up Saturday morning and get bigger items moved in before we picked up my things. The two of us managed the couch up the stairs with a few trapeze acts along the way..  then it just sort of was a blur and by around 11am Sunday we physically had everything we owned in our house and the Uhaul trailer returned.

Now comes the decorating, organizing, arrangement of everything (and the purchasing of some new!) which is really the best part (if any) of moving..

I have to say, I was really against apartment living..  I've done it many times and was just kind of over it but as our time frame to find something drew closer and we were coming up with dead ends, we decided to seek out an apartment as they are pretty abundant and straightforward (we like).

I narrowed it down to 2, one that I had already actually visited the property/apartments some time ago and remember them being so-so. The other being a place I had always thought was really a beautiful community but never visited. After a quick visit to both, it was immediately apparent which community we would prefer, literally almost across the street from each other, only a $5.00 per month price difference, almost identical sq. footage..  the only outstanding difference? The one we went with had larger rooms by FAR, much more closet space, modern appliances & newly refinished counter tops. It was an easy choice..  little did we know it would turn out being even better than originally thought.

We ended up in a back of property unit with a large balcony facing the woods and what we got is deer who visit us throughout the day and a private backdrop for essentially every window in the house. We are centrally located to everything on the property itself and within the whole city. We are very happy with our choice!

(forgive the photo quality, camera phone photos)

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