Sunday, September 25, 2011


Today was one of those days..   you know, where you are semi productive, semi aloof, half sleepy? Don't get me wrong, slept great and woke up great but today was one of those days it took me a half hour to get out of bed and each task although completing what I set out to, it was a slow crawl and I am still yawning as I sit here.. and I've had at least 3 cups of coffee today? Maybe that's the problem..

Anyhow, I am transfixed..  and I MEAN obsessed with the little things, especially when it comes to photography, if you read my last blog at all, you would remember how the small, insignificant things make my eyes dazzle. Today was one of those days to find these little things and show them off..

Look at this little guy? He's no grand flower, not something you'd want in your wedding bouquet or tossed on your bed BUT look HOW beautiful his colors are, the tiny little yellow pollen hidden inside for a passing by bee..   this is a weed yet still, beauty has been found.

We clearly overlook clouds..  I mean I rarely photograph them but it is the times that I do that I find myself in amazement at them..  they are there looming above us every day, giant glory right above our heads.

I have an affinity for metal & rust..   that's all.
This is the ribbon my grandpa tied on the gate to remind himself to close it when he takes the little dog for a walk so the big dog (my dog) doesn't leap out when she is let outside..  it rarely works and I find myself double checking all the time but I find it cute, nonetheless. 

In the spirit of most FL summer days (it IS NOT fall here, don't even..) anyhow, normally it is beautiful blue skies & sunshine and then out of nowhere, lightening/thunder and a downpour (one of my only florida loves..) so I had to catch a little rain action, naturally.