Monday, September 5, 2011


Hello all ..didn’t mean to disappear on ya for a second there but this past Wednesday I had my gallbladder surgery (removal) and I have been down a couple days. I wasn’t too nervous about it and it went fairly well  but I sort of expected it to, and thankfully I had my honey there with me for support (and plenty of pre-op laughs) . Although I have to say, me & general anesthesia make funny friends, directly after waking up I fought the nurses off and then immediately started balling, asking where my honey was and demanding he be brought in (completely out of my character). I was awake enough to remember this and find it quite funny now. I was more sore than I expected to be and still am but it gets a little better each day. My biggest worry pre surgery was that I would not be able to tolerate much food, especially “bad” food and that my digestive system would be in an upheaval as many stories I have read were more or less horror stories and of course it made me entirely too worried than I needed to be and so far I haven’t had one issue, I have pretty much eaten anything and everything I have wanted to, hell.. I just had chocolate cake & fried chicken (woo-hoo now!).

Sorry to make this a quick one but I need to get back to some resting.

Hope everyone is having a nice, long weekend.. getting closer to my favorite season, Fall!

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