Friday, September 9, 2011

Current Life Status: Circus.

This just barely defines it, ok..ok, maybe it's not that crazy but there seems to be these moments of wildness, where I only have seconds to complete something, where if one particular thing isn't complete in that moment or that hour, that day..  that my world will come crashing down around me. I sort of live in that existence as a whole but it's always heightened when Moving Day is on the horizon and I sort of just "realized" this last Tuesday that "Holy damn, I'm moving next Friday..  as in... next...weekend". After swallowing that realization I quickly made way thru the path of boxes and miscellaneous everything I have pulled out to pack and started frantically packing & labeling. Thankfully I did start packing prior to surgery but not a ton and of course I was down a good 5-6 days after surgery and not suppose to lift anything very heavy. This weekend is the make it or break it weekend as it's my only real "free" time and I have a project that is due next week..   sigh.  I hate being rushed but yet I am such a procrastinator, I am truly trying to work on this flaw of mine, it bites me in the ass repeatedly, you'd think I would get it by now?

So, among my entire house being a disaster (I kid you not) and not wanting to really stock up on any type of groceries, I came across an interesting snack.

Brace yourselves, this is cheap eats.. and as ridiculously simple as it gets. Wheat bread + cheese spread + strawberry jam = Yes, Sir. Not sure how I came across this except I didn't want a plain ol' grilled cheese, it was around 8am.. or so? Annnd, I despise peanut butter & jelly (yea, I know, the horror)..   anyhow, I decided to add some jam to grilled cheese as inspired by perhaps a monte cristo minus the ham, turkey, being deep fried and uh, powdered sugar..  you don't need all that anyway. Long story longer, this is a yummy quick snack that takes literally minutes to assemble & gobble and it's mindless (score, for most mornings!).

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