Sunday, September 18, 2011

All I Really Want..

Woke up this morning with pancakes on the brain..  well, I lie, I went to bed with them on the brain..   so, this morning is was pretty futile to let that thought go..  right? :]   Anyway, I made one of my favorite types of pancakes with my sneaky little addition. What's that you say? Meringue, boys & girlys. It truly makes a perfectly fluffy, crispy pancake.

I don't normally use recipes for much but some things, especially baking of any kind you should atleast follow an outline..  when at my Grandparents, I normally reach for this..

It's at at least 50 something years old, if not older..  it's been used vigorously, burned incidentally and it's marked with plenty of sticky fingers.. I used to look thru it when I was little in amazement, my Grandma will fondly point out some of my Dad's favorite dishes when he was little, so if I need a recipe, I head here for my outline and all the while think how I can't wait to show it to my children someday.

I had been on a blueberry kick with pancakes for a while but we were slap out of blueberries, so my lovely Grandma suggested pineapple and I added raspberries, turned out to be a delicious combination, have to admit that pineapple wouldn't have been my first choice, not because I don't like it, because I do..  but I am sure glad I tried it, so damn good!

Look at that..   like a pillow innit? Yea.. 

Ohanduhbtw, movedbacktoFLovertheweekend,yea,harooh,blah. Imissmyhoney.


  1. Adore your opening - woke up this morning with pancakes on the brain -
    I love the pineapple and raspberry toppign too, very refreshing.

  2. Thanks so much :] I gotta tell you, didn't think pineapple would be good but it was SO good! :]