Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Plum Trial.

Tried a new recipe last night..   well, not sure it's entirely new to me other than one addition. I made cornbread stuffed chicken w/ a plum sauce. Recipe actually called for already made plum sauce but I noticed a couple plums in the refrigerator and decided to make my own.

This was sort of painfully simple but I added cinnmaon, cloves & nutmeg to my sauce to give it a little bit of Fall flavor and it ended up being pretty tasty. Of course I made this for my grandparents so I scaled back on the seasons and any "wild" additions. I think for my own taste it would be delicious to stuff with the sauteed plums & brie and have the cornbread dressing on the side, as it did turn out yummy on it's own.


Sunday, September 25, 2011


Today was one of those days..   you know, where you are semi productive, semi aloof, half sleepy? Don't get me wrong, slept great and woke up great but today was one of those days it took me a half hour to get out of bed and each task although completing what I set out to, it was a slow crawl and I am still yawning as I sit here.. and I've had at least 3 cups of coffee today? Maybe that's the problem..

Anyhow, I am transfixed..  and I MEAN obsessed with the little things, especially when it comes to photography, if you read my last blog at all, you would remember how the small, insignificant things make my eyes dazzle. Today was one of those days to find these little things and show them off..

Look at this little guy? He's no grand flower, not something you'd want in your wedding bouquet or tossed on your bed BUT look HOW beautiful his colors are, the tiny little yellow pollen hidden inside for a passing by bee..   this is a weed yet still, beauty has been found.

We clearly overlook clouds..  I mean I rarely photograph them but it is the times that I do that I find myself in amazement at them..  they are there looming above us every day, giant glory right above our heads.

I have an affinity for metal & rust..   that's all.
This is the ribbon my grandpa tied on the gate to remind himself to close it when he takes the little dog for a walk so the big dog (my dog) doesn't leap out when she is let outside..  it rarely works and I find myself double checking all the time but I find it cute, nonetheless. 

In the spirit of most FL summer days (it IS NOT fall here, don't even..) anyhow, normally it is beautiful blue skies & sunshine and then out of nowhere, lightening/thunder and a downpour (one of my only florida loves..) so I had to catch a little rain action, naturally.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

As Simple As.

Now that I am taking up space in my Grandparents house for the next few weeks, I try to make meals as often as I can to help out. Because we come from completely different era's and some of us have very discerning tastes, making a meal to please everyone can be.. interesting.

So this week one of the nights I made dinner, I worked all day obviously and my brain was kind of frazzled so I needed to throw something together easily.. I lightly breaded chicken breast w/ italian bread crumbs and quick pan fried them & then finished them off in the oven BUT (here's a hint) before I put them in the oven, I make a small (1/4 cup?) of italian salad dressing, mayo & butter and lightly brushed it over each chicken breast and then covered with a foil tent before putting in the oven. I'd say they cooked in the oven for about 25 minutes, maybe a little less at 375.. they came out beautifully golden and VERY juicy. Reason why? Keep moist..  keep covered.

While they were baking away I whipped up some mini corn muffins & topped with Joyce's apple butter (my honey's Mom). She makes SO much wonderful food and canned items, this was one of the items I had managed to snag and bring to FL with me..   and thank goodness, it is phenomenal, no.. really. So good.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

All I Really Want..

Woke up this morning with pancakes on the brain..  well, I lie, I went to bed with them on the brain..   so, this morning is was pretty futile to let that thought go..  right? :]   Anyway, I made one of my favorite types of pancakes with my sneaky little addition. What's that you say? Meringue, boys & girlys. It truly makes a perfectly fluffy, crispy pancake.

I don't normally use recipes for much but some things, especially baking of any kind you should atleast follow an outline..  when at my Grandparents, I normally reach for this..

It's at at least 50 something years old, if not older..  it's been used vigorously, burned incidentally and it's marked with plenty of sticky fingers.. I used to look thru it when I was little in amazement, my Grandma will fondly point out some of my Dad's favorite dishes when he was little, so if I need a recipe, I head here for my outline and all the while think how I can't wait to show it to my children someday.

I had been on a blueberry kick with pancakes for a while but we were slap out of blueberries, so my lovely Grandma suggested pineapple and I added raspberries, turned out to be a delicious combination, have to admit that pineapple wouldn't have been my first choice, not because I don't like it, because I do..  but I am sure glad I tried it, so damn good!

Look at that..   like a pillow innit? Yea.. 

Ohanduhbtw, movedbacktoFLovertheweekend,yea,harooh,blah. Imissmyhoney.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Current Life Status: Circus.

This just barely defines it, ok..ok, maybe it's not that crazy but there seems to be these moments of wildness, where I only have seconds to complete something, where if one particular thing isn't complete in that moment or that hour, that day..  that my world will come crashing down around me. I sort of live in that existence as a whole but it's always heightened when Moving Day is on the horizon and I sort of just "realized" this last Tuesday that "Holy damn, I'm moving next Friday..  as in... next...weekend". After swallowing that realization I quickly made way thru the path of boxes and miscellaneous everything I have pulled out to pack and started frantically packing & labeling. Thankfully I did start packing prior to surgery but not a ton and of course I was down a good 5-6 days after surgery and not suppose to lift anything very heavy. This weekend is the make it or break it weekend as it's my only real "free" time and I have a project that is due next week..   sigh.  I hate being rushed but yet I am such a procrastinator, I am truly trying to work on this flaw of mine, it bites me in the ass repeatedly, you'd think I would get it by now?

So, among my entire house being a disaster (I kid you not) and not wanting to really stock up on any type of groceries, I came across an interesting snack.

Brace yourselves, this is cheap eats.. and as ridiculously simple as it gets. Wheat bread + cheese spread + strawberry jam = Yes, Sir. Not sure how I came across this except I didn't want a plain ol' grilled cheese, it was around 8am.. or so? Annnd, I despise peanut butter & jelly (yea, I know, the horror)..   anyhow, I decided to add some jam to grilled cheese as inspired by perhaps a monte cristo minus the ham, turkey, being deep fried and uh, powdered sugar..  you don't need all that anyway. Long story longer, this is a yummy quick snack that takes literally minutes to assemble & gobble and it's mindless (score, for most mornings!).

Monday, September 5, 2011


Hello all ..didn’t mean to disappear on ya for a second there but this past Wednesday I had my gallbladder surgery (removal) and I have been down a couple days. I wasn’t too nervous about it and it went fairly well  but I sort of expected it to, and thankfully I had my honey there with me for support (and plenty of pre-op laughs) . Although I have to say, me & general anesthesia make funny friends, directly after waking up I fought the nurses off and then immediately started balling, asking where my honey was and demanding he be brought in (completely out of my character). I was awake enough to remember this and find it quite funny now. I was more sore than I expected to be and still am but it gets a little better each day. My biggest worry pre surgery was that I would not be able to tolerate much food, especially “bad” food and that my digestive system would be in an upheaval as many stories I have read were more or less horror stories and of course it made me entirely too worried than I needed to be and so far I haven’t had one issue, I have pretty much eaten anything and everything I have wanted to, hell.. I just had chocolate cake & fried chicken (woo-hoo now!).

Sorry to make this a quick one but I need to get back to some resting.

Hope everyone is having a nice, long weekend.. getting closer to my favorite season, Fall!