Monday, August 29, 2011

132 Miles.

That's how far it is from my doorstep to his and every time I turn left out of my drive headed towards his house, I get a butterfly or two and a smile across my face.. it's really just the beginning of us, and we don't have it all worked out, we aren't perfect, we aren't even close..   and that's perfect enough for me.

Among seeing my babe in Tennessee, I love everything else the land has to offer, could see myself easily living there. He lives in a small town, but not quite as small as my town, so there are a few things more to do than here. On Friday we hit up our favorite Mexican joint and then hung out on the couch watching movies, this is our normal Friday plan...only after scouring the local grocery store for every snack we absolutely do not need, to hell with it! :]

Saturday we hit the flea market after some errands, had a lot of fun just wondering around looking at all the treasures, all the junk. I found a candle maker there that has some delicious soy candles, I bought a "Spice" candle and it has since been making the house smell yummy. He picked up a gift for his Dad, we wondered around a bit more, I pet countless dogs (can't resist), considered buying a TN Walking Hound (my goodness she was precious), saw chickens, pigs, a donkey, a foal and a horse or two. The day wasn't complete without trying some deep fried chocolate chip cookie dough , yea..  it was good. (sorry for picture quality, phone camera). Later that night we went even deeper into BFE to my honey's Mom's house where some down home southern amazement can be found, that and a quality round of tag ended this day perfectly!

Sunday was the day to explore and walk off some down home southern amazement..  we visited (and trespassed) a really cool little bridge, saw some sprawling field and an animal or two then we walked our way up to Lovers Leap, narrowly avoiding frogs of combat and deathly spiders (I exaggerate..  somewhat). Once we got to the top, Wow! What a view!..  We contemplated leaping as lovers would do but that was quickly voted down due to the want for ice cream and slushies. What can I say? Foodies Laugh now :]

All in all, another wonderful weekend in Tennessee.

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  1. Beautiful writing and photos! And um...deep-fried chocolate chip cookie dough? Sign me up!